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Due To High Price Of 4.3" And 7" LCD, Our 5" LCD Video Door Phone Will Be Very Competitve In The Following Months
Sep 22, 2016

Since May 2016, the price of 4.3" LCD and 7" LCD has increased by 100%, the price of 4.3" and 7" screen video door phone will difinitely increase in the following several months as well. In this situation, our 5" LCD screen video door phone series will be much cheaper than them.

This 5" LCD is very unique in current video door phone market. Only our company has products with this LCD. It's not only much bigger than 4.3" LCD, but also has higher resolution, which is 640*480.  You may already notice that its aspect ration is 4/3. This means it will display the person in his/her original figure like 3.5" and 4" LCD does, while people in 4.3" LCD may looks wider.

With all these good features and cheap price, we totally want to recommend our T51M and T51 villa video door phone set. It's now a good opportunity and a good timming to sell our video door phone in your market. We will benifit your business.

Our 5" LCD screen monitor-Model T51M. 
-Unique 5" 640*480 (4/3) TFT LCD
-Built-in memory with 100 photos storage
-OSD icons as keys instructions
-Settings: Brightness, Color, Contrast, Talk Volume, Ring Volume, Ringtones selection, Date & Time.

For more details, please check it on our website: http://www.bolt-doorphone.com/video-door-phone/villa-video-door-phone/5-inch-hd-colorful-tft-lcd-screen-4-wire-handsfree.html